OMEGA’s new 3D animated film unveils the brand’s Co-Axial dreams

OMEGA’s new 3D animated film unveils the brand’s Co-Axial dreams

OMEGA has released a dramatic 3D animated short film of dreamlike images that creatively allude to the brand’s revolutionary Co-Axial mechanical watch movement and the elements that make up the world of OMEGA. The film will anchor a global advertising campaign.

This 70-second film manages – emotionally, aesthetically and compellingly – to communicate subtly the extraordinary quality of OMEGA’s Co-Axial calibres. The escapement at the heart of the movement is its regulating mechanism – it’s literally what makes your watch tick. OMEGA’s exclusive Co-Axial escapement was the first practical new watch escapement to be invented in some 250 years and its advantages – reduced sliding friction, greater mechanical efficiency, more stable precision and improved shock resistance – have caused the entire watch industry to take notice.

While there is an enormous amount of technology behind the development of the Co-Axial movements, OMEGA decided that the perfection of the calibres was more easily conveyed in images than in words and chose to use state-of-the-industry 3D animation to communicate the virtues of the movements that are, as the voiceover explains, “so perfect you’d hardly think they were made by humans”.

Phantasmagorical sequences unveil the perfection of nature interacting elegantly with gearwheels and other components hidden inside mechanical watch movements. These natural and man-made elements appear to be regulated – in perfectly harmonious interaction – by the clockwork gears.

The images make subtle reference to themes familiar to fans of OMEGA as viewers are led on a whirlwind journey through the brand: rolling oceans, high-profile sporting events, an astronaut on the Moon and action films are suggested in constantly evolving, dreamlike sequences.

The evocative theme song, “Smiling”, was composed by Harry Gregson-Williams and recorded by the composer and the Seattle Session Orchestra. It was originally part of the soundtrack of the film Man on Fire.

The film’s message is clear: OMEGA’s Co-Axial calibres represent a level of perfection unmatched by any other mechanical watch movement.