Omega De Ville Mini Trésor Collection

Press Release

Omega De Ville Mini Trésor Collection

Introducing a striking new collection of De Ville Trésor timepieces, sized at just 26 mm, for those who like to go bold, without going big.

When the Trésor name first appeared in 1949, it referred to the treasure found inside the watch – the legendary 30 mm calibre. The movement itself became synonymous with precision, as well as simple, logical design. It also enabled OMEGA to give the original Trésor a beautifully thin, golden case.

In 2017, OMEGA’s watch designers reimagined the streamlined Trésor for the 21st century, leading to a stunning collection of classic watches with a modern edge. This year, the popular Trésor design returns, only on a different scale. In 2022, OMEGA is releasing smaller models in 26 mm and introducing beautiful new straps with patterns inspired by a traditional French fabric design.

Two treasures in gold

The new collection includes these two sparkling editions in 18K MoonshineTM Gold. A model for the purists, with case, bracelet, hands, hour markers and even the silk-like pattern dial in OMEGA’s unique alloy. Another featuring a contrasting dial in off-white “Grand Feu” enamel with blackened Roman numerals.

Mini Trésor 26 mm

A radiant model that delivers a bracelet, case and silk-like dial in full 18K MoonshineTM Gold. Let the luxury shine on your wrist.

Mini Trésor 26 mm

A mix of materials. To complement the beauty of 18K MoonshineTM Gold, this model features a dial in off-white “Grand Feu” enamel.

Toile de Jouy

Blending Swiss precision with French tradition, OMEGA has extended the Mini Trésor collection with a range of elegant Toile de Jouy straps. This gorgeous patterned look is influenced by the printed fabric designs that originated southeast of Versailles in the 18th century. Now revived, the style perfectly complements these Mini Trésor timepieces, including the 18K MoonshineTM Gold models with domed off-white “Grand Feu” enamel dials.

Made In-House

OMEGA has taken its Toile de Jouy inspiration from historic tapestry and porcelain patterns. Using this as a starting point, three unique strap designs were created in-house, with each one connected to the DNA of the brand. This includes blue sea, in tribute to OMEGA’s ocean heritage, along with black butterfly, in reference to the brand’s history of air and space exploration, and red floral, to recognise OMEGA’s passion for the Earth.

Mini Trésor 26 mm

Classic French elegance is brought to life on this model with a Toile de Jouy strap. The look is paired with a design in gold and enamel.

Twice-wrapped Trésor

OMEGA’s charming new collection also includes these stainless steel watches with Toile de Jouy “double tour” bracelets. A very stylish and secure way to fix a Mini Trésor to the wrist. The double wrap straps are available in the same three patterns mentioned above.

Mini Trésor 26 mm

Experience twice the beauty with a stainless steel model on OMEGA’s Toile de Jouy “double tour” strap. A totally unique way to wear your watch.

The distinctive Trésor touches

Common to all watches in the new Mini collection are the long and slender Roman numerals on the dial and the sparkling feature at 3 o’clock: the Trésor crown, engraved with an OMEGA flower in red liquid ceramic and set with a diamond. As always, the latest Trésor models allow wearers to check their reflection, thanks to the mirrored caseback with “Her Time” pattern.

(Images © OMEGA)